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Should you get the iPhone 5S or Wait for the Iphone 6?

On September 20, 2013, Apple shocked the mobile market when they finally dropped their much-anticipated handset at the Moscone Center in the form of the iPhone 5S. After numerous rumors about the revolutionary new handset from...

The latest iPhone 5

iPhone 5 launch, Specs And More

It’s been over a full year now for countless rumor updates, endless leaked images and variable analyst reports smudging every news page launch of iPhone 5, talks of its features and discussions. And finally now, there’s no ...


Set Your Reminders Through Mountain Lion

Reminders application for Apple Mountain Lion OS X has been added to make your tasks send you messages, just the ways neurons transfer messages to your brain! The previous implementations of reminders in iCal were for fixing a ...

Bing Windows 8

Bing Windows 8 Beta App Brings Quick, Simple and Fluid Approach To Web Searches

Microsoft’s new Bing app brings slick and goodness of tiled searches to your web searches on Windows 8 RTM (release-to-manufacturing). Microsoft’s flagship Windows 8 OS features have their own superb blends and with that, t...

Windows 8 Start Screen

How To Permit Touch Pad Gestures On Windows 8 Laptops

Your installation of new Windows 8 RTM (release to manufacture) would work perfect and everything would just be smooth—except this one problem! When you try navigating from the Start screen and move around in OS it would seem...

Apple Stocks Taken All High Up

iPhone 5 Took Apple Stocks All-Time High

New iPhone 5 and its hype with the anticipation of Apple fans, the Cupertino company shows a result of shares with rise of more than 12% and is hitting as an all-time high in trading. While, just a month before these stats, App...

Podcasts apps in desktop iTunes

Podcasts Apps Are Back In Apple’s Desktop iTunes

Podcasts have come back to iTunes! The news didn’t even last a day and now, when you type “podcast” or “podcasts” in Apple’s desktop iTunes application. Apple might have just surprised the anticipated users with the...

Apple's ipad mini

Rumors: Apple’s iPad Mini Might Have ITO Coating

Though Apple has not confirmed ITO coating in iPad Mini but rumors are still rolling ITO, Indium Tin Oxide coating is one of the most useful feature to have in new iPad mini. The prominent effective of ITO coating is that it ac...

Apple Headphones

Apple Headphone Controls You Never Knew

Your all-white headphones that come attached to every Apple device have a lot more to offer then what you just thought! They weren’t just headphones with a remote adaptor attached to them (unless that’s what you thoug...


Google+ Update Hangouts On Air To Android And iOS Devices

Google+ is now offering Hangouts on Air on Android based device. This update was unveiled last September, it allows users to stream video chats with other users around the world. On the other hand, Google+ standard Hangouts fea...

Third party apps removed from itunes

Search for ‘Podcasts’ :Third-party apps Discarded in iTunes

When iTunes users on the desktop search for podcasts, they’ll find that only Apple’s app comes up Searching for “Podcasts” on iTunes, show the results for Apple’s own podcast app only. Two iOS developers have ...

How to Fix Interface Lag in Retina MacBook Pro

How to Fix Interface Lag in Retina MacBook Pro?

Hardware limitations may be a factor, but choppy or laggy scrolling and window movement might be remedied by an OS re installation among other options. Those who own Apple’s new Retina Macbook Pro are experiencing a laggy beh...


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