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Amazon’s first Smartphone: Fire phone

Amazon’s logo symbolizes all that is to be known about the company, the arrow joining the letter A to Z symbolizes its position as a place to buy everything imaginable. Since Amazon’s inception in 1994, the online retailer has sold third party phones but this is all set to change with the Fire phone: its first attempt at developing a phone after the success of its Kindle Fire tablet line.

Launched in Seattle, on June 18, in an event, which was publicized as the next big revolution in smart phones. It enters a market, which is overcrowded and dominated by Apple and Google with their respective IOS and Android platforms. The challenge was then to launch a device, which was a first, something groundbreaking that would lure consumers away from the big boys in mobile computing. Jeff Bezos (Amazon’s CEO and founder) did exactly that.

At first glance the so-called Fire phone looks like any powerful modern smartphone; a black rectangular design, a 4.7inch HD screen with 315 pixels per inch. A 2.2GHz Quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU, with Adreno 330 GPU and 2GB of RAM provide plenty of punch to run Fire OS 3.50, Amazon’s operating system, which is based on a tweaked version of Google’s Android software. There’s a 13-megapixel rear camera, which Amazon claims to be better than the top notch iPhone 5S and the recently released Samsung S5 cameras. A 2.0 megapixel front camera is provided to take gorgeous selfies. So far the Amazon’s Fire phone has given us something to smile about, but this is where this new Amazon phone becomes jaw dropping.

‘Firefly’ is one feature that is just stunning; by pressing the firefly button on the side of the device the phone can recognize 70 million household products by seeing and hearing through its camera and microphone. This includes 240,000 movies, thousands of books and 160 live TV channels. An Internet connection is required for this feature, which feels as if it’s from a sci-fi movie. The Fire phone’s standout feature is magical. Amazon describes the feature as ‘Dynamic Perspective’, 4 cameras are placed on the four corners of the device. At any time, two cameras with the most informative views know the position of each eye. They change the perspective of the screen such that the viewer sees a 3D image on the screen with a perception of image and screen depth.

Along with such features there are plenty of offers available; Amazon Prime is free for one year with the purchase of the phone and a ‘Mayday’ button, which was introduced in the Kindle Fire tablet range recently.

For enthusiasts the outlook for the phone is bleak for the time being. The Amazon’s Fire phone is only available on AT&T in the US, with a two-year contract, for $200. An unlocked version has not been announced so far, furthermore Amazon Prime is only available in the US so free streaming of your favorite shows and movies will not be possible.

In summary, the Fire phone delivers a unique set of features bringing a new aspect to the cliché modern smartphone. Its future prospects will be seen when it launches on July 25 in the US.

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