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Apple launches a new cheaper IMac

With the world moving towards smaller yet as powerful computing devices,a gradual transition has occurred over the years: from desktop’s to laptop’sand now tablets. In modern times, the desktops usage is mostly limited for gaming, and for graphic intensive tasks. Desktopshaven’t been very visually attractive as compared to their laptop counterparts, but the recent ‘all in one’ desktops have changed that perspective. They feature a monitor and the processor in one unit.Undeniably one of the most elegant and powerful versions is the iMac. Recent years have seen it become slimmer, more powerful and more elegant than ever before.

Unfortunately, there is a one drawback: the price. With desktops being ridiculously cheap nowadays, the $1299 base price is more than hefty; with high-end laptops from companies like HP costing that much. If you fancy a bigger version, the 27-inch version costs a pocket eating $1799. Recent times have seen Apple trying to expand into new and emerging markets, whilst making their products more affordable.

Well there’s some good news; Apple has announceda new, cheaper version of its iMac, now starting at $1099. It includes a dual core 1.4Ghz i5 processor, 8GB of ram, a 512GB hard drive and an integrated Intel HD 5000 Graphic card. The only customizable option being the storage; which can be upgraded to 1 TB serial ATA, a 1TB fusion or a 256SSD drive.  A tear down of the machine by ‘other world computing’shows that the ram, has been permanently soldered to the motherboard,hence it cannot be upgraded. If you’re buying the cheapest version of iMac, you will be stuck with 8GB of ram. As for benchmarks according to ‘’, the new iMac scored a geek bench single-core and multi-core score of 2820 and 5435 respectively. This reveals that the cheaper version is 10% slower on a single core score and 50% slower on the multicore test as compared to the pricier version.

So what does this mean for consumers? Frankly not much: the iMac still costs $1099 without a keyboard and mouse, which isnot a bargain in any sense. Best buy is currently offering education discounts on the new cheaper iMac, dropping its price to as low as $830.However markets outside the US will still be looking at an expensive desktop. Sure Apple has managed to release a cheaper version of iMac, making it more obtainable to students in first world countries, but this price drop wont make much of a headway in bringing the iMacto third world countries and schools.For those who would prefer the Macintosh architecture on their desktops, the mac mini would be a more budget friendly option starting at $599 although tough you would need to buy a monitor on top of a keyboard and mouse.

All is not over for the iMac with the retina, iMac rumored to be coming this fall, and possibly even cheaper budget friendly iMacs for the future.

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