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Apple Siri vs. Google Jelly Bean

Which one listens to you and delivers information better: Google’s Jelly Bean on the Galaxy Nexus or Apple’s iOS Siri voice search? We put them to the test.

 The iOS king Apple and Web Giant Google are both strictly in competition when we bring devices on board – but discussing the software for their operating system brings up a whole new story. Each one of these companies is huge brands that represents quality, uniqueness, and meet the desires of their fans.

A voice assistant was first introduced by Apple as Siri and therefore it’s deserves the credit for bringing a unique concept, this league was then followed first by Samsung and now by Google. Siri is accessible from the central hardware button of iPhone, whereas for Samsung it’s accessible from the phone screen (Samsung Galaxy S III) and for Google; you can access the voice service by swiping up (Android 4.0 Jelly Bean).

Siri has already been compared to S Voice of Samsung and it gave a one-to-one performance combat, now Google’s Voice Searches new Voice Action features will be compared to Siri. Questions will be asked to test the services and result would be laid for the service that is better at answering questions.

The questions and test were performed on iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy Nexus with updated Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Check the comparison below:

“Where Is the Empire State Building?”

Jelly Bean’s response to this question was fast and correct; it gave out a map with the address of Empire State Building, whereas Siri had an issue in understanding the question.

“Will I Need an Umbrella on Sunday?”

For the forecast question, Siri responded with giving directions to a department store at first (Believing that it probably gave directions for the places that sold umbrella’s) and then when it understood it gave an answer that weather for Sunday was not predicted, however jelly Bean gave the forecast with showing results for 5 days weather.

“Show Me Pictures of Mount Rushmore”

Jelly Bean gave the grid with images where as Siri wanted to be more specific and asked if we needed to perform a Web search.

“What’s the Capital of Canada?”

Both Jelly Bean and Siri gave correct answers, though Android was faster.

“Get Me Directions to the California Academy of Sciences”

Jelly Bean responded fast as before and brought up a map with directions to California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. Siri found two results as an answer and asked for choosing an option.

“How Old Is Stan Lee?”

Both gave the answer, yet Jelly Bean was more specific with a picture and then read the answer.

“When Was Apple Founded?”

Siri gave the answer and Android read the answer.

 “Set a Timer for 5 Minutes

Siri set the timer with a graphic that matched and Android Jelly Bean set an alarm for 5 minutes for future.

“What’s 56 Divided by 7?”

Android responded first with an answer while Siri took its time.

“What’s $100 in Euros?”

More like math, Android was the first to respond back and Siri took time but then just did more than expected; it gave the currency rates and a graph showing past conversion rates.

“What’s My Horoscope for Today?”

Both Android and Siri failed to answer this question, and defaulted to performing an online search.

“Sing Me a Song”

Siri sang us a song, whereas Android performed a Google search for the phrase “sing me a song.”

It will be interesting to see what other improvements Apple will make to Siri when iOS 6 launches in the fall, and whether Google can iron out the quirks in Android Jelly Bean before it releases in mid-July.

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