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Apple TV’s new rival? You got it: Android TV

Apple and Android have been locked in battle for so many years now, it’s surprising to see a sole product belonging to Apple, which Android doesn’t have a reply to, and vice versa. Apple TV launched in 2007, as a ‘hobby’ project, but soon became much more; with it being a resounding success. Google’s Android has had no rival to Apples domination in the living room, although it did launch a similar Chromecast media player device last year with limited functionality. This is set to change with the launch of Android TV, which was announced at the 2014 Google I/O Developer conference. Yes boys and girls it’s going to be Apple versus Android TV, in a fight to be the center of the living room.

The full details of Android TVhave yet to be released, and will be in the near future.

Some details were announced though, comprised of the fact that Android TV will soon be available on TV’s from Sharp and Sony (courtesy: The Verge), at the conference Google’s employees described the Android TV to be based on the existing Android software, which is familiar to the many millions using Android phones and tablets. Google TV launched a few years ago, but was a total disaster, since then Google has claimed to have learnt from its mistakes and from the success of its recently launched Chromecast. The Chromecast became a huge success for its simplicity and ease of use as well as its $35 price tag, which many consumers considered a give away as compared to Apple and Roku’s rival, which retails for around $100. Describing the Google TV the guys from Silicon Valley, told various tech websites that it had launched Google TV with an old version of Android, which was far too complicated to make its way into the much simpler living room.

Apple took several years to shape its original apple TV to what it is now, with its iCloud support, many live TV channels and the selling point: simplicity. Apple is rumored to be launching a new version of Apple TV, which saw its last major update three years ago. This new update is alleged to come with a new design as well as gaming support, and a partnership with American cable operators has also been rumored on leading technology websites. With Amazon launching a similar Fire TV device just a few months ago which features gaming support, Android TV is expected to bring its games to the big screen. Its success is however not certain; gaming on the big screen is a total new ball game. Overall the Android TV seems to be good news for the whole community, with much to look forward to. With Android TV’s launch in the near future, the living room is all set to be in a competitive battle between the leading firms, for the edge.

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