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Best Web Hosting Buying Guide

“The Wikimag” has complied web hosting buying guide in order to provide assistance to the people who are looking for best web hosting services. We have discussed the prominent aspects of web hosting such as types of hosting plans, features and also highlight the traps and web hosting scams.

What Web Host Suits My Website?

Choosing a reliable web host is not the only concern while looking for web hosting as one has to analyze various aspects such as what sort of hosting plan is suitable for your website? What level of skills and knowledge you have regarding hosting? How much time you have to manage your website? What is your hosting budget?

The selection of web hosting is dependent on the users; different users have different type of websites which means their hosting needs are varied as well. Some of the most common user types are given below:

  • Self Managed
  • Small Business
  • Online Shopping Website
  • Mediocre Business Website
  • Large Complex Business Website

All these common user types are discussed in detail below along with the recommendation of suitable hosting plan and a web host.

Self Managed

If you are planning to set up an online identity just to share your thoughts or to publish your pictures than you need a small website that can be designed in basic HTML. These days all web hosting companies provide easy integration of HTML websites and they provide suitable amount of storage and bandwidth as well. For small websites we suggest Blue host hosting as it is considered to be the best among cheap hosting companies. They offer stable shared hosting server on which numerous users share server resources. Beside this they offer user-friendly site builder with 1000s of FREE templates which one can easily include in the website and give it a better and professional layout. Bluehost provide unlimited storage, bandwidth, unlimited email accounts and more in just . Many unreliable cheap hosting companies use it as a marketing scam just to attract customers and later on they don’t provide it or ask for additional charges so make sure you opt for reputed web host.

Some of the key features offered by Bluehost are given below:

  • Instant account set up with FREE trial period
  • Offer website builder with 1000s of FREE templates so that you can pick the most suitable one.
  • Provide additional space and bandwidth in the context of growing needs.
  • Offer unlimited email accounts so that visitors can contact you easily.
  • Offer FREE domain registration service.
  • Provide File Transfer Protocol (FTP) access, using which one can easily upload content on the website.
  • Offer multiple domain hosting and provide various sub-domains as well so that if you plan to expand your website later you don’t have to switch web host.
  • Also they provide Anytime Money Back Guarantee.

Small Business Website

Online business trend has gown quite rapidly as people are observing great deal of profit by setting up their business websites. Most small businessmen are setting up online website so that maximum number of people can reach them. But hosting small business website need more attention as the growth of your business rely on it. For reliable small business hosting we suggest you to choose Inmotion hosting, they offer business class hosting plan for small business websites which is quite affordable as well. They offer three different packages in business class hosting so that people can pick the most suitable one in the context of their needs and budget. They offer Launch, Power and Pro hosting packages and they vary on the basis of features such as Launch package is designed for people with newly created business websites because at initial stage they don’t require much space and bandwidth but as the website grow they might need to switch on to Power or Pro hosting plan. The Launch package is the most suitable for beginners and it only cost $5.95/month.

Some of the most prominent features of Inmotion business class hosting are discussed below:

  • They offer unlimited server space and unlimited GBs of transfer on monthly basis.
  • Two websites are allowed on single Launch account along with six parked domains and 25 sub-domains.
  • They provide multiple operating system options such as Linux, Windows and Mac OS.
  • Provide user-friendly control panel which provide ease in terms of managing hosting activities.
  • Offer 1000 FTP user accounts.
  • Provide support for all types of web scripts and apps.
  • Offer FREE Google marketing credits, FREE domain registration or site migration facility.
  • Provide 90 days of money back guarantee.

Online Shopping Website

People are frequently adopting the trend of online shopping as it provide them great deal of ease, businessmen are creating online shopping websites where people can find their desired products, pay online and the shop items will be delivered at home. An online shopping website is different than ordinary website as it contain online shopping cart which allow user to choose his/her desired items and check out at the end which take it to the payment gateway. Payment gateway is required to perform online transaction; the most popular one is PayPal. People having PayPal account can easily pay from their account whereas other can pay via credit or debit card. To keep all these transactions secure online shopping website need SSL certification provider by web host. For best ecommerce web hosting we recommend HostGator’s dedicated server hosting. Hostgator is the most experienced web hosting company over the web and they offer well managed and stable dedicated hosting servers. In dedicated hosting user don’t have to share any server resource and you can easily customize it according to website requirements. They offer highly stable Quad Core technology based dedicated servers with different variations such as one can get up to 8 GB of RAM and up to 10TB of bandwidth and more, the basic dedicated hosting plan is available in just $139.00/month.

Some of the most prominent features of Hostgator dedicated hosting are discussed below:

  • They offer both Linux and Windows based dedicated hosting servers so that one can pick in the context of their application requirement.
  • They provide user-friendly control panels keeping the compatibility of OS in mind.
  • They offer unlimited POP3/IMAP email accounts.
  • Offer support all types of latest web apps and programming scripts.
  • They provide FREE WHMCS along with site builder accounts for customers.
  • Provide FREE Reseller account setup
  • Offer FREE Domain transfer facility for unlimited websites.

Mediocre Business Website

Some people have mediocre business websites which means they need secure and affordable hosting server, so in order to meet the requirements of mediocre business websites web hosts offer VPS hosting. In VPS hosting physical server sharing is involved but it provide virtual dedicated server (VDS) with complete authority, which means you can configure its settings according to your needs. You have freedom to choose an operating system (OS), control panel and you can easily install and configure your desired applications as it support all the latest web apps. For best VPS hosting we suggest you to choose Inmotion VPS hosting. Inmotion offer varied VPS hosting plans which include VPS-1000, VPS-2000 and VPS-3000, these plans vary on the basis of specifications and cost. The basic VPS hosting plan offer 512MB of RAM, 40GB of Storage, 740GB/month bandwidth and data back-up facility after every 24 hours. The basic VPS hosting plan is available in just $39.95/month.

Some bright aspect of inmotion VPS hosting are discussed below:

  • Along with dedicated memory they offer up to 3GB burstable RAM.
  • Up to 2500GB of bandwidth
  • Up to 160GB of storage space
  • Licensed Control Panel for FREE
  • Offer unlimited domain hosting
  • Inmotion for multiple data center locations which is really great for business website, you can choose the closest data center location in order to have better performance and targeted traffic.
  • Provide various billing options such as one can pay on monthly basis, semi-annual basis or annually.

Large Complex Business Website

People these days are creating more complex business websites based on latest web technology and in order to publish a complex business website they need to advance application support and secure hosting server, also they have to deal with large amount of web traffic as well. That’s why dedicated hosting is highly recommended to deal with complex business websites. Dedicated server is a bit difficult to manage that’s why best hosting companies offer both managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting. If you have experience about server management then unmanaged dedicated hosting is suitable for you but if you don’t then go for managed dedicated hosting. In unmanaged hosting you get basic installation facility and you have to manage whole server by yourself whereas in managed hosting your host manages the entire server. For high quality dedicated hosting we suggest you to choose Inmotion dedicated hosting, they offer varied dedicated hosting plans which includes Essential, Advanced and Elite dedicated hosting. All these plans vary on the basis of hardware specifications and cost, the Essential dedicated hosting plan cost just $199/month.

Some bright aspects of Inmotion dedicated hosting are discussed in detail below:

  • They offer Turbo Quad Core processors along with CPU cache up to 8MB.
  • Up to 8 GB of RAM
  • Up to 500GB of Disk space (FREE Upgrade)
  • Up to 4000GB of monthly transfer
  • Provide multiple operating system support such as Linux, Windows and Mac.
  • Offer Licensed Control panel
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • Up to 15 dedicated IP addresses
  • Beside these features they offer multiple data center locations to ensure best website performance.
  • Provide Data back-up facility
  • Provide Power back-up in case of power failure

All these reliable best web hosting companies’ offer 24/7 instant response customer support via phone, emails and live-chat so in case of any trouble you can contact them directly anytime you need them. We have provided to a detailed guide on the basis of user types so that you can easily figure out the nature of your website and pick the most suitable hosting plan from best web hosts.

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