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Cisco converting Electronics City to Smart City

Cisco System Inc, one of the major global networking products, is soon going to covert the electronics city of Bangalore in to the smart city which will be the first IoT (Internet of Things) innovation hub. This decision was taken on Wednesday.

Anil Menon, Cisco president, told that this smart city will be built in the electronics city industrial township in accordance with the ELCIA (Electronics City Industrial Association) which will make sure that they are providing smart parking, CCTV scrutiny, smart street lighting, and community messaging, and smart water management system. This city will be located 20km away from Anekal taluk in Bangalore. This is a 332 acre electronics project and is one of the largest industrial parks in the country.

Almost 125,000 people have been hired for the construction of this city which means that 25% of the software and hardware exports of the country. The electronics city is 35 years old that functions and maintained by the local governance. Menon also said that the smart city residents will use the WiFi solutions to access the public utility offerings. And the first phase of this project will be rolled out till January which will serve as the model for the Bangalore.

The partnership between CISCO and ELCIA took place under the public private participation (PPP) model that will also allow the ESDM (Electronic System Design and Manufacturing) firms and others affianced in the IoT product development to construct this new ecosystem.

Cisco will lead the project as part of their smart and connected communities’ concept, which aims to have a better quality of life in the modern cities. Menon also pointed out that the main focus is on using the network system for deploying the digitally enabled healthcare, transportation, utilities, education and energy grid. They will make sure that in this city, there are no issues that affect the day to day life of the person. And everything in this city will be tackled by the network system.

This hi-tech project of Cisco will help the companies of the electronics city to innovate and develop new products and applications for the deployment in the 100 smart city projects which NDA government is planning to set up across the country. Cisco converting Electronics City to Smart City is not only an innovative idea but will surely set an example for the other countries to work on the smart city projects.

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