How to Check and Delete Google Chrome History on Mobile?

Posted July 19, 2012 by twmag in Technology News
Google Chrome for Mobile

Google Chrome for mobile has been highly appreciated by both iOS and Android users, even though chrome for mobile only work with Android 4.0 and other advanced versions. Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Nexus users can enjoy browsing with chrome. In most of the mobile and desktop versions of chrome it allows to view and delete browsing history but you can’t access this option from the menu.

How can we View and Delete Browsing History on Chrome for Mobile?
Chrome for Android

Delete chrome_history on android device

To view chrome browsing history on Android devices, type “chrome:history” in the address bar (omnibox). The
browsing history will come into view starting from the most recent one. Tap on the drop-down icon given next to every link with two options, “Remove from History” and “More from this site”. (This also works with desktop version of Chrome)

You can delete multiple links at the same time by taping on the left of each link and then choose Remove Selected Items. Furthermore to clear all the browsing date click on the option “Clear all browsing data”.

What if you would like to Delete Browsing History only?
  • Go to Menu
  • Click Settings, Choose Advanced, click Privacy and hit tap on Clear browsing data. Beside this it provide list of data types to clear, check the boxes in line with each item you want to delete and hit Clear button.
Chrome for iOS

“chrome:history” doesn’t work in iOS version of Chrome but in future Google might offer this feature.  So far you have to go to Menu, Click Settings, tap on “Clear browsing data”. Select the data types you want to delete and hit ‘Clear’, you’re done!


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