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Instagram Provided Location Mapping Feature

Instagram users can display photos on the basis of location

Instagram has added new mapping feature using which users can display and browse photos on the basis of location. On the basis of app’s geo-location feature user can visually display their photo location.

instagram mapping feature

The company has recently added this new feature along with several others and they have carefully designed location mapping feature for instance, users who are not interested in displaying their location can avoid it from the beginning.

instagram comments

Using the mapping feature for the first time, users can select the photos which are previously tagged on the basis of geo-location to be displayed on the map. Later on user can turn ON and OFF the feature before uploading new photos beside this; users have authority to remove tagged photos anytime they want.

Other updates include larger gird view for photos, enhanced text caption box so that user can add long captions. Furthermore, Instagram aims to provide faster and responsive application that’s why they have added quick comment or report abuse options.

According to Instagram blog,

“We’ve introduced a new and unique way to browse your photos and others’ photos on a map, which means you’re no longer constrained to browsing through page after page of photos”.

For Further Details Check Out the Video Below:


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