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PlayStation Mobile Targets iOS and Android Games

Sony’s PlayStation Mobile partnered with Asus and Wikipad

Recently Sony has announced several new PlayStation games and PlayStation Mobile for Android devices at Gamescom conference in Germany. Sony is focusing on PlayStation Vita to target iOS and Android games but on the other hand PlayStation has established a hardware partnership with ASUS and Wikipad to set up PlayStation Mobile gaming platform.

PlayStation Vita gaming

PlayStation Mobile aims to take on small gaming to the wide range of devices that mainly include Sony Xperia phones, Android devices, Tablets and PlayStation Vita. These games will be available in different file formats and will be cross compatible as well.

PlayStation Mobile

In Gamescom Sony has displayed some undefined titles which seem like indie games that are already available in Android devices. The question is will Sony be able to create a bridge between old school gaming and new smartphone gaming platforms. We personally believe that Sony should focus on PlayStation Vita first instead of messing things up.

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