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Screen Shots of New Sprinter Cell Blacklist

Treat for Sprinter Cell Fans

IGN has recently announced the New Sprinter Cell Blacklist, one of the most high rated action- adventure games ever. Without a doubt it has massive fan following and people are anxiously waiting for it. Well guess what, we have screen shots of New Sprinter Cell Blacklist given below:

New Sprinter Cell Blacklist screen1

Stealth is the basic essence of Sprinter Cell but in the recent version of the game, focus is to make it more action oriented game without damaging the high-octane action gameplay.


New Sprinter Cell Blacklist screen 2

In the above screen shot, Sam is infiltrating a terrorist camp as being disguised as one of his own enemy.


New Sprinter Cell Blacklist screen3

As gaming technology is improving quite rapidly, in New Sprinter Cell Blacklist, you’ll have enhance control options as Sam is moving in to new areas, he mover more fluently even in the climbing cliffs.


New Sprinter Cell Blacklist screen4

Based on extensive motion capture work, Sam movements get more realistic and smooth so that gamers can enjoy each and every bit of it.


New Sprinter Cell Blacklist screen5

Combat fight in Blacklist is more intense and dangerous that’s why Sam Fisher has additional benefits such as call for aid from other members and they can help him out by sending air strikes or by turning off the lights.

I’m sure that after viewing these screenshots you are getting itchy to play this New Sprinter Cell Blacklist.

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