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Search for ‘Podcasts’ :Third-party apps Discarded in iTunes

Third party apps removed from itunes
When iTunes users on the desktop search for podcasts, they’ll find that only Apple’s app comes up

Searching for “Podcasts” on iTunes, show the results for Apple’s own podcast app only.

Two iOS developers have taken this report to Twitter, where they pointed out that Apple’s iTunes have failed to show third party iOS apps when users search for “Podcasts”, however Apple’s own Podcast app is showing in the result.

An iOS developer, Shahruz Shaukat has written a note to Instapaper creator Marco Arment, he said,

“iTunes only shows the Apple’s Podcasts app when you search for Podcasts.”

Arment responded to this by saying that he could also not find any other search displaying but Apple’s “Podcast app”.

Apple launched its standalone app for podcast in June. It allows users to listen and to subscribe to video and audio podcasts and it stands as one of many apps available to iOS users providing the same functionality.

Apple has shown this omission of third party app on iTunes desktop app only; it is still displayed when searched for on iPhone or iPad, where it is viewable and downloadable. The story behind this has no words from Apple yet!

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