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speaking photo application

Speaking Photo Application

Speaking Photo Attaches Sound to Images for Unpretentious Mobile Storytelling

If an image is worth a thousand words, then you add some extra words, does this make it more than one picture? Logical conundrums aside, Speaking Photo is an application for Android and iOS that lets you do just that–add a soundtrack to your photographs, then share the resulting video with others. It has been on iOS for quite some time, but the developers just originated over to Android a few weeks back.

The app’s boundary is largely the same between platforms. The usage of speaking photo application is quite easy. You have three buttons on the core screen to shoot, express, and share. Shoot lets you take a new snap on the spot, and it starts recording auditory as soon as you confirm that you want to use the photograph. When you’re done speaking, tap the Stop button and choose what to do with your formation. The speak button lets you grip something from your gallery/camera roll that you’ve previously shot (it can even be something you saved from an additional source).

Sharing can be done after you make a new demo, of course, but the push button on the main screen lets you go back to something you might have made beforehand. Speaking Photo plugs into the defaulting sharing menu on both stages, so anything that’s supported there will be able to take delivery of the video file from this application. On Android that just about everything, but it’s a bit more partial on iOS. You still get the big ones like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and messaging. You can use it to express a story about the snap shot, send a more private message to someone, or even add a tune.

The videos made by the speaking photo are normal H.264 MP4 files, so you can easily transfer them and play them on just about everything. That’s assuredly nice to see. One characteristic of Speaking Photo that could use some work is the Android side’s project language. It’s nearly a direct port of iOS with some of the same list of options and icons from Apple’s policy. It seem like its working fine, but it’s not as spontaneous to use on Android because of the design. Speaking Photo is free of cost and is worth checking out.

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