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Windows 8 Or Windows InTune; Which Is For You?

Just two months to go and the latest flagship operating system of Microsoft is to launch for the general public. With Microsoft bringing this and that software, it doesn’t seem so easy to choose among them—applied if you have a choice! Well, specifically for businesses that are looking for upgrade, they have a choice to make between getting Microsoft Windows 8 or subscribing to newly launched today; Windows InTune.

It might just feel little incentives for businesses that already have Windows 7, to move to Windows 8. But those that are still with Windows XP need to make a fast move as the time period for Windows XP is constricting. Microsoft currently is offering a sweet deal of $40 upgrade to Windows 8.

Subscribing to Windows 8 has been made possible through quite a few ways; one is to directly purchase or subscribe to Windows InTune instead. This all in one subscription is a perpetual license for the most current version of Windows as well.

This cloud-based PC management and security service provides a range of management and security tools–combined with upgrade rights to Windows 7 Enterprise. It’s a no-brainer for small and medium business looking cost effective solutions for managing and protecting Windows PC’s. It can also be worth a choice for larger organizations when you look at what InTune delivers, and the fact that Microsoft is providing and maintaining the back-end infrastructure.

InTune subscription would costs $11 per user per month. This equates to $132 per year–more than three times the cost of just buying the Windows 8 upgrade. Considering the lifespan of the OS, this might seem more costly than making direct Windows 8 purchase but it offers more than just a Windows operating system.

Windows 8 gives you just—Windows 8, while with Windows InTune; you get a license for the current version of Windows as well. All in all it’s a service which is cloud-based that manages updates, monitor Windows PCs, track hardware and software inventory, set security policies, provide remote assistance, and protect endpoints from malware–all from a Web-based console anywhere you can get an Internet connection.

Sure, the Microsoft server infrastructure can be deployed by your staff, and you IT admin and personnel’s can just be perfect to run the Windows network. But Windows InTune offers IT infrastructure and IT department at a cost effective $11 per user per month. The value, of-course, depends on the number of users you have in your organization and would vary.

For businesses that are small and equipped with Windows XP, it’s time they upgraded to Windows 8 when it’s a bargain at $40. For medium to larger organizations, Windows InTune can be the best choice with all that it has included for money; they can start off with the 90 day trial version of the OS, what have you got to lose?

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