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The launch of windows 8 brought an uproar throughout the internet, since the launch of Microsoft windows 95 which was the first edition of windows with a start button, but there had been some changes in the windows 8 that made it special one of them were the removal of start button, the iconic feature of windows was removed from the latest windows edition. Windows 8 failed miserably in the market due to its many characteristics that brought the users inconvenience, for starters metro apps opened in a full window which is acceptable in a smartphone but a desktop pc is where we need to perform hardcore multitasking and hence an app that will open only in full window mode will only slow things down, but now Microsoft have learned their mistake and are planning for a comeback by launching windows 9, this new edition is rumored to hold a familiar old feeling of the start button adjusted with some new features that is, but regardless we will be seeing the start button once again. Windows 9 is alleged to launch at the second quarter of 2015, countless rumors have spread through the web of windows 9, each of the substantial rumor shall be discussed in order to guess what Microsoft holds for us in their next windows launch.

windows 9 leaked images


A new name for windows 9 is rumored to be given “threshold”, which may only be used to address by the internal developers windows 9 and not launch the windows 9 in the market with this name.

Release Date:

There are countless rumors that suggest windows 9 will be launched in the spring of 2015 but some go on to suggest that we might get to see the launch in 2014, most logical way to go is 2015 since it will have given windows 8 a whole two year run and give windows9 a chance to fully reach out to its users. Further sources suggest that before the launching of windows 9 an update of windows 8 will be seen in the market, how far this update will stretch the windows8 legacy is still yet to be seen perhaps the start button will be re-introduced with this new update or perhaps windows9 will debut with the start button.

Windows 9 “Free”:

Who doesn’t like the term “free”? Especially when you put the word free in front of a Microsoft product which will excite the Microsoft fans, but is it really true that Microsoft has taken up the apple OS trend and decided to give its users a free edition of windows? Perhaps they have because sources suggest that windows 9 will be free to download, although it sounds too good to be true it does sounds about right given the fact that apple OS also gives free download of their latest versions to their users hence it is a common trend that Microsoft will finally be catching up to. But Microsoft has primarily made its revenue through the selling of windows, which will mean a drastic downfall into the Microsoft business but perhaps Microsoft have come up with a solution to that as well sources suggest that windows 9 will be free but only the basic windows some or full features of windows 9 will not be accessible unless you purchase a subscription or get a paid edition. This idea makes more sense considering windows is Microsoft’s bread and butter, so while the premium features will remain un-accessible we still will be able to get a hands on windows9 free of cost which is not a bad deal on a long term basis.

Windows 9 on different Devices:

Microsoft’s star product windows is a popular operating system from desktop pc’s to smartphones and tablets it has managed to touch all the electronic devices that are currently in the trend, Microsoft has substantially expanded its OS into the world and has made it its business to integrate windows wherever possible. This does bring a question as to what will be the outcome of windows 9 on different devices. Well sources suggest that this will be a matter of device you use; windows 9 might have the same tiled interface for the smartphones while desktop version will not completely be integrated with tiled grids and have some of the good old windows look before windows 8 showed up. Windows 9 might be introducing start button only on the desktop version and the smartphones/tablets might have to stick with the tiled interface.

Metro Apps:

Windows 8 introduced an interesting feature called metro apps, these metro apps were very useful except for one minor flaw, which was the full screen mode of metro apps which could not be shrink down to a smaller window for multitasking, though this is acceptable for a smaller screen device like tablet and smartphones this feature tends to be an itch for the desktop users considering desktop’s are mainly used for their multitasking liberty. However windows 9 will have metro apps but in a more window themed style which means that metro apps will no longer be opened in only full screen mode but will also have an option to shrink to a smaller window size.

Start Menu:

Microsoft introduced a new concept with windows 8 which was no start button, which was nuisance to the Microsoft users, but Microsoft have understood and corrected its mistakes with windows 9 where a start button will be introduced and will have a little hint of windows 8 tiled grids integrated with the classic start button. The new start button will have all the fun of the classic start button along with dedicated apps on the right edge of the start button in tile grids keeping an essence of windows 8 alive.

Features of windows 9

Many features have been discussed about the windows9 and how they differ from windows8 including the comeback of start button and modification of metro apps. Windows 9 will also be a cloud-based system with a another terminology introduced according to some rumors which will be “windows 365” alike the office 365 we will be getting subscription edition of windows 9 for those who want to enjoy the premium features can take up this offer while others who want the basic windows 9 have the liberty of installing windows 9 for free.

What users would want:

Although windows 9 is highly anticipated and there is no doubt that Microsoft will be launching a product according to the requirements of all its fans and will not disappoint us, however some features that we would love to have in windows 9 or that we hope to see in the new version of windows.

Windows 9 hidden UI elements:

There are a lot of hidden elements that windows 8 introduced which made nuisance for the users and hopefully we won’t be seeing many hidden elements trying to gain access in windows 9, but that still is un clear on how many hidden elements will be trimmed in windows 9, but it is clear that windows 9 will bear more efficient interface than windows 8.

High resolution compatibility:

In current progressive world technology seems to evolve day by day, with what used to be a dream is now a reality. For all fields of technology have substantially progressed along with optical advancement and high defining design details that are delivered to us through high resolution screens but these high resolution screens that offer 1080p to 2500p resolution are rendered useless if the operating system does not support high resolution.

Windows 8 that was introduced somewhat a year and a half ago was unable to produce much hype into the web world due to some issues and made windows 8 un-popular among the Microsoft fans. One of the many issue faced by Microsoft fans were the resolution problems, high resolution pc monitors and screens were not fully supported by windows 8. Users were not given full high resolution on their hd screens due to lack of support from windows 8, which is why a the Microsoft users expect this issue to be resolved in windows 9 and give a better high resolution compatible platform.

Metro Apps:

The metro apps were definitely a great way to go for Microsoft excluding the full screen mode which was a bit of a deal breaker but regardless metro apps were useful, and we hope to see Microsoft bring more metro apps to its library along with the liberty to open them in window form to increase or decrease the size of window for multitasking purpose which is very essential. Metro apps are definitely highly anticipated in windows 9 with some modifications for instance being able to pin metro apps, or resizing the window will be a start.

Smaller Size:

A reduced size in windows is needed, the OS in itself is too large to accommodate for a smart phone or a tablet a high end desktop pc or a laptop may manage to support such a heavy OS but smaller devices with less power and limited storage might need a lighter OS to run.

Final Word:

In the end we cannot be sure as to what awaits Microsoft fans, but one thing is for certain Microsoft plans to introduce a new concept whether it is the subscription based features or the long awaited start button. We will just have to see as what Microsoft has planned for us in the near future.

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